Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bruxelles in a day and a half - Day 2

Hello there, my dear readers!! :)

Here I am, as promised, telling you about the ending of my trip to Bruxelles... ;) My 2nd day was such a full and intense one that I really enjoyed!

First thing in the morning, I decided to go to a street my dear friend Katerina had told me about, which is the Rue A. Dansaert. I started off at the Bourse and kept walking for a little while.

What I loved the most about it were the incredibly beautiful and interesting and modern boutiques you could find every two steps... *-* There were also stores of chic brands like the french Sandro, but they didn't break the mood at all, because they followed that very Parisian-chic vibe of the street.

Rue Dansaert, 89
A glimpse at this window display equals going to heaven and back. For a taste of designer shoes bliss, Hatshoe is definitely the way to go. Chloé, Ferragamo... *-* Music in my ears! :)

Rue Dansaert, 97
Very, very, very, very extremely cool sunglasses!! ;)
Check their website here.

101, Rue Antoine Dansaert
Well... I must say I did not go into this particular shop, but limited myself to take pics of the outside, because... I dont know, I guess it just caught my attention. I thought it was a normal jewelry shop that also sold "curiosités" like art books or something, but it turns out that right now I've really no idea what it is they were selling... Check their website here to know what I mean. (Don't worry, it's not disgusting or disturbing in any way, just very cool and artistic, and very surprising, and ok, maybe a bit confusing... :D).

84, Rue Dansaert
I found super interesting that togas and uniforms should be sold next to the coolest modern designers!! They looked very high quality, if you want to know more for whatever reason (maybe you have an uncle that's a judge or something! ;p), you can go here.

Rue A. Dansaert, 64
Beautifully simple clothes with delicate details. Check their website here to see their latest collections.

Rue Dansaert, 80
He's a fashion designer, but I must confess that what caught my eye the most were those incredible accessories... ;) I found them fun and interesting, and wouldn't have minded owning a couple! To know more about the designer, you can go here.

So, after this quick review of the couple boutiques I got to see, I'd like to tell you about one I thought was the most special of them all... ;) 

I started by taking a look at the display, liked very very much what I saw, and got into the shop. And after browsing around for a couple of seconds, I met the lovely Eva. Although she's a photographer, she also works at the beautiful Particularités Précieuses. And let me tell you... what a store! I loved the cute mix of things they sold, from scented candles to amaaazing socks... *-* I bought a pair from a very "culte" japanese brand called Antipast. They are extremely soft and with really unexpected designs. And guess what I just noticed on the label and on the sole? The cutest little thing: "When words and textures weave lustrous trailing notes, laughters bounce and flowers bloom".  Isn't it lovely? :)

Particularités Précieuses.
83, Rue Antoine Dansaert.
(Sorry for the ugly pictures! I was just a bit nervous, I guess. :D)

At Particularités Précieuses, they also have the most beautiful accessories and perfumes by Comme des Garçons, and most important of all, jewelry designed by the owner of the three Précieuses shops in Bruxelles, Pili Collado. Colourful, fun and chic, they truly make justice to the style of her boutiques, where the attention to details and the intense chic-ness of it all make them just a delightful place to be in! I really do recommend your paying a visit whenever you get to go to Bruxelles. ;)

So anyway! After my lovely morning walking down Dansaert Street, I joined my mom at the Place du Jeu de Balle flea market for a bit of treasure hunting... It was really really cold, but nothing would have kept me away from those huge piles of beautifully old things! All that rummaging was definitely worth it in the end, because I found a really warm sweater made with 100% Norwegian wool (I guess I needed that - see it here), along with some amazing Grandma jewelry. :)

Place du Jeu de Balle - Marché des Puces.
Open every morning.

Afterwards, we were looking for a place to have lunch and started walking up Rue Blaes... Alright, we did not find lunch there, but my God... O.O We saw vintage store after vintage store with the most amazing window displays, and then also antiques... *-* It was truly beautiful! I found an amazing old hat that my History of Fashion teacher says must be from the 40s, more or less. I don't really care when it was from or when I'll be able to wear it, it is just so beautiful!! :D I promise to show it to you guys soon.
Here you have a couple of pics form the store:

I can't find the 'carte de visite' I took from the store, so until I find it, I can only tell you it's in Rue Blaes, really close to the Place du Jeu de Balle. Sorry! :)

Which leads me to the closure of this closure post... ;) I hope you enjoyed this 2-episodes trip to Bruxelles! I leave you with the last pics, that I took on our way back to the hotel. Thank you so much for reading, and be very very welcome to comment, I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts!! :)

Have a great weekend!! :)

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  1. great! love it! Last picture it's exactly like in Milano passeig de immanuel or whatever i don't remember how its called haha :)

  2. thank you Olga!! :) your pictures are the great ones... ;)

  3. I miss Brussels !

    Thank you for these pictures. It remember me my belgian good time I had overthere: Fleamarket, vintage shops,le Mapa Mundo,...

    And your blog is very nice !

  4. Oh, thank you!! :) Your blog is truly amazing, it really means a lot!! :D


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