Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dandelions blowing in the wind

Hey guys!


Sorry, I really needed to get that out of my chest... ;) It's not that I haven't enjoyed my 1st year of Fashion Design (I really really have!!), it's just that after a week of non-sleeping, I'm kind of very very happy to be on holidays at last! :D

I know my blogging duties would ask me to post the rest of the Madrid photos or other posts that should come first, but I just can't help myself, so instead I'll show you one of my school projects... :)

For our Printing Process subject, we were asked to use a research we'd already done for the Introduction to Colour and Materials & Technology classes, which means we basically had already chosen our colour palettes, main theme, and general mood for the project. We had imagined our very own little world, that we then had to translate onto fabric using different techniques like screen or transfer printing, but also hand painting onto the fabric, stitching...

Here are only a few of the samples I handed in. We were asked to experiment, and at least make 10 of them... although I ended up with only 9 because my sewing machine ate the 10th one whole... :( (R.I.P., my darling).

My main source of inspiration and starting point was the Regency Era, with its Empire fashion and Jane Austen novels (yes, I'm a big fan!! :D). I started my research by focusing on how the fashion was historically, but then it slowly drifted towards a more magical and surreal and romantic world, which I guess is my own fairytale-like version/vision of the period... :)

I'll post pics of the rest of the project when I can, I'd love to have you see the other part as well: the illustration, the colour palette, the textile composition...

To present the samples, we were asked to produce a 'Book', and I say 'Book' because it was meant to be original and surprising, and to be also somewhat coherent with the project. As you can see in the 1st pic, I decided to play with the whole book-that-isn't-a-book-but-that-is-actually-a-book idea, so I went to the Encants flea-market here in Barcelona and looked for the thickest and biggest book I could find. I came across this beautifully old and tattered copy of an Illustrated Geography Encyclopaedia and cut out the little windows to put the fabrics inside. I was thinking of those fake books that are always super thick and huge, and in which people keep their money or secret papers or whatever... :)

These songs, aside from being my all-time favourites, go very well with the mood of the project, so feel free to listen to them... ;)

She Floats & Carousel by Vanessa Carlton (my favourite singer/songwriter!

Apple Blossom by Esperanza Spalding (Barack Obama's... ;) she's so talented I almost cried when I listened to her live)

Alright dears, so I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!! I hope you enjoyed this little trip down the textile design lane... ;)

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