Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey, guys!

I've realized Faery just hit 10 000 hits! Wow! Thank you so much everyone for stopping by and reading! ;)

What I wanted to share with you today is a school project I've invested myself quite a lot in lately, and that is finally finished!

My inspiration: a duck. The Waterfowl duck. Image via Wikipedia

The project involved designing a dress that we would have to do the patterns for afterwards, putting into practice all of the patternmaking techniques we'd been learning for the past 2 years and testing our knowledge and understanding of garment construction. Then, we'd have to sew the garment and present it in a technical dossier.

Yes, you heard well, a technical dossier. But, me being me, I could not help myself and did a quick photoshoot with the dress... It just doesn't look the same on a dummy!

See first the technical photos, with an emphasis on the details:

I used this beautiful passementerie at the neckline, and a black ostrich feather along the shoulder seams

A full cape peplum

Cut-outs at the waist

... And here we go with the little photoshoot we threw together:

My lovely model is one of my dearest friends Helga, whom I thank soo much for bearing with me and my duck-inspired dress... ;)

Model: Helga
Photographer: me

Dress by me, vintage silk scarf

Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great weekend...

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