Sunday, May 15, 2011

Face Hunted

Hey there, dear cyber friends! :)

Turns out my hectic week is slowly and irrevocably becoming a hectic month, so my lack of posts has a very good excuse... ;) However, yesterday I attended an event that's really worth mentioning, so I'll make a tiny exception for this quick and exciting post.

Yesterday evening, as some of you might know if you follow him on Twitter, Yvan Rodic aka Facehunter was in Barcelona's Holala Plaza, a very cool vintage store, signing books and chatting with everyone who would show. And I, of course, could not resist the amazing opportunity of actually meeting and talking to one of the most influencing bloggers out there... *-* I'd already seen him in last summer's The Brandery, along with the super mega stylish pair Gala González and Prince Pelayo, but it wasn't quite the same thing, it was a much more formal event, and I just didn't have the guts to approach him... :) But yesterday was very different: my dear friend Helga and I were there near the entrance, waiting for him to arrive, and then one second later, he shows up: "Hi!". The place wasn't at all crowded, so we started chatting, he took a beer, signed our books, we took photos of each other... It was great!

I was the first one, tatadada-dada!! ;)

Yvan was excited to hear that Helga was from Iceland as he goes there all the time, and he told us that after New York and Paris (or was it London?), most of the pictures in the book had been taken there.

So anyway, if you care about what I was wearing:

Zara dress
Antipast socks
Cortefiel ankle boots
Hoss Intropia *** cardigan with sequined embroidery
vintage little bag
Bimba & Lola bowler bag
(jewelry:  vintage golden chain + brooch worn as necklace [both from Bruxelles], 
Bimba & Lola "golden wings" bracelet, 
Lady Gaga "We Pray For Japan" charity bracelet)

I'm actually not very happy with this outfit... I feel like not only did it not flatter my body type, but was also a bit too over-the-top and weird for my taste... But anyway! Just look at Yvan instead of me, and problem solved. ;)

Find Wally! I mean, Yvan... ;)

Holala Plaza
C/Valldonzella, 6

I can't wait to show you all I've been up to lately! Not only all the amazing boutiques from Madrid I told you of last week, but also all the school stuff! It may sound kind of boring, but it's actually not: we've started to design some really cool things that I think you might find interesting to see... :)

I leave you for today with this pic of beautiful Helga... Have a great Monday!! :)

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  1. I didnt know he was here. I guess cos I didnt read his page...
    thnx for sharing!

  2. Amazing! I'm so sad I missed him :( Thanks again for telling me where to go! I finally made a post about my trip... THANKS!!!

  3. Ooh, it really is a pity that you guys missed him!! I follow his tweets, which is why I knew a while ago... I can't wait to check your post, Alexa! I'm going right away... ;)

  4. Looks like it was a great event :)

  5. It really was!! Thanks for stopping by... ;)

  6. Hi Laura! The place is called Cal Pep de Les Olles at Placa Olles 8. You must go; it's amazing! Cup& Cake is soooo cute! You're lucky you live in Barcelona!

  7. Thanks so much, Alexa!! I'll definitely try it sometime! And I could say the same for you and Hong Kong... ;)

  8. Wow, ya veo que estuviste muy bien acompañada este fin de semana! :-) Yo recibí un e-mail hace unos días sobre el meet&greet con Yvan Rodic pero se me olvidó por completo que era este fin de semana...bueno, de todas formas no podía ir.
    Me conformo con ver tus fotos y leer tu historia, que por cierto, tienes un buen don narrador, jeje.
    Se le ve muy cercano y simpático!

  9. Ohh, ¡qué ilu me hace que me digas esto! :) La única razón por la que no me he 'dedicado' a ser escritora es porque se trata de una cosa que se puede hacer paralelamente a cualquier cosa... ¡y es lo que intentaré! ;)
    Qué pena que no pudieras venir a lo de Facehunter, ni se me ocurrió avisarte... :( ¡Pero bueno, me acuerdo seguro para la próxima! :)

  10. How fun! Love your socks with ankle boots.

    Thanks for your recent comment on G&G!

  11. menuda suerte poder conocerle en persona!!

  12. Ya, la verdad es que me hizo muchísima ilusión... :) Que por cierto, justo después se fue a Madrid, podrías haber ido a verle!

  13. Lovely events, and it's great that you got to meet him!


  14. My dear, I read your lovely comment and then accidently deleted it instead of publishing it! :( I'm so sorry.. I always love reading your comments!


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