Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eden Park - An intern's tale

Hey there, my friends!

How have you all been doing this week? I'm afraid I have slightly neglected my duties to you as a blogger, but I have an excuse to offer you in return which involves my unveiling the why to Paris, that is the happy reason for my coming and staying here for a whole month.

And well, this reason is no other than my having the opportunity to intern for Eden Park, a french brand based on the enthralling world of rugby, and offering sport chic apparel with a wonderfully british feel throughout.

Here's a glimpse of the brand's lookbook from the past winter:

Photos courtesy of Eden Park

As you can see, everything's pretty relaxed and sporty, but with a college and preppy flair. So far I've been working in the woman's department and been able to witness the work of a wonderful team of designers. I'll be eternally grateful for this experience for it's just such an amazing way to learn the ways of the industry, how the whole process of conception, production and marketing of the products works, and whom it involves.

Imagine my delight when finding myself in Paris, spending whole days drawing garments with Illustrator, attending meetings concerning models' castings for next season's campaign shoots, and just having a whole lot of fun! :) I couldn't have foreseen anything better had I tried... ;)

So anyway! I hope you won't have minded my sprinkling this post with a couple of photos from Paris (I couldn't be more relieved to have left that strange and thankfully brief fit of photographer's block I suffered from a couple of weeks ago), as I'm afraid otherwise they'll keep on getting dusty in the ever increasing pile of photographic proof of my currently living in one of the most beautiful and romantic places there are.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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