Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paris Diaries Vol. 2 - The Secret Garden

Bonjour, dear readers!

Yep, still in the lovely Paris. Actually, I'll be here 'til October the 8th, which means you've got a bunch of cool posts coming your way... :)

Today I wanted to unveil a very special spot I discovered by chance the other day. I was strolling around the wonderful neighbourhood of St. Germain des Près when all of a sudden I saw this sign:

... and found this little garden:

Children playing around, people enjoying the feel of the sun on their skin... Quite a charming place, is it not?

It was also a sort of jardin potager in a way, as there were all sorts of fruits and vegetables to be found!

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of this wonderful city, and I promise to be back with much more soon now that I have some kind of a routine established...

Have a wonderful day! :)

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