Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paris Diaries - Photographer's block and FNO

Hello there, my friends! ;)

Or should I say, mes amis! Faery's staying in the city of lights for a full month, 5 weeks that will be hopefully filled with fashion, beauty and magic...

The strange thing is, ever since I came here I've experience a sort of writer's block, except having to do with my taking pictures rather than my writing. Isn't it ironic that I should have the opportunity to live and work (Yes, work! This is a story for another time, though... It probably deserves a post of its own.) in such a beautiful place, and yet be completely uninspired and unable to capture it? It's been really frustrating... :S

But fortunately, the patient that is me is slowly mending, and I'll hopefully be fully recovered soon. :) Otherwise, my friends, you'll have to deal with a few very boring posts... For what is Faery without her pics? Imagine hearing me ramble on and on and on, with no cool pics to compensate... Kind of a scary notion, no? :D

Anyway! I'm losing my point here. So: FNO! Yes! As some of you might know (and if you don't it's your own fault for not following Faery on Facebook or Twitter, so don't blame me! ;) ), this year's Fashion's Night Out (or Vogue Fashion Night, as they like to say around here) was this week, and I was here in Paris to make the most of it!

Marni was the first stop, followed by many others. Most of the stores offered complimentary drinks, but there were also manicures in the new colours of the season at Chanel, very very very (very!) long lines, VIP parties, and even concerts! I tried to keep focused though, and try to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to take a look at the new collections, feel the fabrics... I must have been the only one. :D

There was celeb-sighting (of course!), and I actually got to see quite an amazing quartet of starlets! Natasha Poly, Anja Rubik, Isabeli Fontana and Emmanuelle Alt all together!

The only visual proofs of such an honour are the pics that follow, but I guess you'll have to appreciate them in their royal blurriness... :) I blame it entirely on two things, that will have to be my excuse: the first is the mass of what seemed like hundreds of people surrounding them (photographers and 'civilians' alike), and the 2nd... well, very obviously my perfectly advantageous height of no more and no less than 1'50m. ;)

Natasha looked preeettyyyy... :) 

And Anya too, obviously! ;)

Here you have an extremely blurry Isabeli... :D hahaha 
I guess you'll have to just believe me on this one. Well, you can see her dark hair, at least! ;)

Aaaand finally, half of Emmanuelle's face! Yay! :D

Okay, I think I've had enough of bad pictures for a long while. :) (You can take a look at this article for better pictures of the event:  Les street looks de la Vogue Fashion Night). Fashion's biggest night was of course organized by Vogue Paris, and in order to get in the shops you had to have an invitation that came inside its September issue, with a beauutiful Charlotte Casiraghi on the cover.

Suffice to say, it was a fun night. :) I'm wide open to any home-cooked remedies for photographer's block that you can offer me!

Je vous embrasse très fort et à bientôt! ;)

Avenue Montaigne at sunset

EDIT (15/09/2011): Wow! Apparently this post made it to the IFB Weekly Round Up / Links à la Mode!! It was the first time I ever applied, so I'm extremely flattered... :) The rules say I have to include all the links, so here you have them:



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