Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi everyone!

I know I've been such a disaster as a blogger lately, but believe me when I say I had NEVER had this amount of work before... I finally understand what it's like to be good (as in: just working, not watching TV or going anywhere or doing any other leisure-centered activities) and yet still drown under the weight of the amount of patterns to do, garments to sew, prints to design, fabrics to dye and illustrations to draw. So I can only say one thing: Thank God it's awesome. :)

For today's post, I only wanted to show you a little thing that I thought was funny enough to deserve a post...

Do you remember this lovely photo of a hand that I posted here a couple of months ago?

Well, I was in Vienna at the time, and this hand belonged to one of the most striking and mouth-watering window display I've ever seen... *-* It might have to do with the store being closed and the streets empty, the minimalism of the display which only made the marvelous pieces stand out, or maybe just... that wooden hand. Here are some of the other pics I took:

Okay, that was in Vienna, two months ago. This is in Barcelona, a few days ago on a rainy day:

So my question is: was this simply a coincidence? Or were we the witnesses to the development of a tiny micro-trend? 

I, for instance, have no idea. Not that I need an answer. ;)

Have a lovely week! 

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