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Busy Busy Busy! - Summer in Barcelona: FITTING ROOM & THE BRANDERY

Hello, dears!! :)

Busy is a word that's being quite on my mind lately... But then there's stressful busy and good busy. There's even great busy! And that's the kind we all love the most, right? ;)

Which brings me to what I really want to share with you guys for this post: my beloved city's offers for this Summer, at least fashion-wise. Mid-July is definitely gonna be a good time to be in Barcelona, because 2 great events are gonna be happening at the same time: The Brandery and Fitting Room.

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You guys must know about The Brandery already as I told you all about the last edition on my first post (see it here), but it seems that they're putting so much effort on bringing new things to each edition (which is great!), so even though not all the information is out, I'll quickly go over the things I'm looking forward to the most... ;)

Rings a bell? See all my pics from the last edition here.

First and foremost, the catwalk. It was the most relevant novelty of the last edition (and rightly so), so I really can't wait to see how it is this year. I hope Bel Air and American Vintage are among the brands from last time that will show their collections again, because they were my favourites by far.

Visit for more info.

This year's theme is "The Hot Spot", so I guess they'll try to emphasize how Fashion is at the center of an event that brings together Art & Design, Creativity & Business... Which is absolutely true! What I truly love about The Brandery is how it brings all sorts of cool people together, and how it is an amazing opportunity to see and experiment new things within the fashion industry.

I've also read that this year they've organized a New Talent's Contest for fashion designers studying in one of Barcelona's many design schools and graduating this year. Isn't that so great? :) I'm so excited, I think it's a great idea, and an amazing way of supporting and promoting the next generation in the fashion industry. I hear the prize will be not only the chance to show their collection at The Brandery Catwalk, but also an internship with a 'prestigious company from the fashion world'... 2 years from now, when it's my turn to graduate, I'll submit my entry for sure! ;)

The 2nd event I was speaking of is Fitting Room. I first heard of it when one of the blogs I follow, Crímenes de la Moda ( I love her DIY tutorials... *-*) mentioned it, and I immediately thought it sounded like such a cool event! The idea is that they take a hotel and dedicate 1 room for each of the designers, artists, etc. to make their own space and show their creations. And this 14th of July, The Brandery being their event partner, they'll be doing it at the B-Hotel in Barcelona, right at Plaça Espanya where the Fira de Barcelona is (and where The Brandery is going to be), using 2 floors from the hotel and 28 rooms in total... filled with fashion, jewelry, art and who knows!!

The brands that will be showing their newest ideas come from many different countries, including France, Germany, Venezuela and of course, Spain. It will be, in short, an amazing opportunity to see 28 different spaces creatively conceived to showcase the work of photographers, fashion/swimwear/accessories/jewelry designers and illustrators, among others... Here you have a little taste of their work (all images from

Hohl Fels (Corsets, Lingerie & Accessories)

Joyas de Papel (Jewelry)

The rest of the brands/designers include: Inés Susaeta (Jewelry), Mithings (Accessories), El Trébol de 4 (Jewelry), Ana Viñuela Lorenzo (Jewelry), Volando Voy (Bags), by Philip Eckert (Jewelry), Tass Joies (Jewelry), C'est Moi? (Jewelry), Lucía Carmona (Photography), Kralova Design (Fashion), Món de Mones (Jewelry), Luna Maga (Fashion), sietedelonce (Fashion), Rodia (Shoes), Rosalinda Quesada (Jewelry), Los bolsos de Nusa (Bags), Virginie Verrier (Fashion), Judith Bel (Fashion), María Goti (Jewelry), Miguel Balbás (Art), Laura Caicoya Ferreiro (Fashion), magento&amarilla (Swimwear, Lingerie & Accessories), Le Chanelas (Fashion) & Tresdetrece (Fashion).

So you know what to do! If you're here in Barcelona for the summer, don't hesitate! These 2 events are really worth a visit... ;) Luckily for those of you who won't be able to make it, I'll be attending The Brandery like every year, and I've also been very kindly invited by Fitting Room to be among the 13 bloggers who'll get to do more personal interviews with the artists and designers, and best of all, I'll tell you all about it! :)

Have an amazing day, darlings!

It seems we're to have a little welcome cocktail right here at the hotel's terrace, by the pool... Are you jealous? ;) 
(This beautiful photo comes from the B-Hotel website).

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